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Suicide Prevention Day

Suicide Prevention Day first started in 2003. The purpose behind it was and continues to be about raising awareness, improving education, decreasing stigma and sharing information.

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO) nearly 3000 die by/from suicide daily. It is the biggest killer for people aged 35 or under and males are more likely to die by/from suicide than females. Males aged between 45-49 yrs have the highest suicide rate. Research shows that individuals who have been diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder are 40% more likely to die by suicide. Suicidal thoughts are often created from moments which are most likely associated with a life event, i.e. a relationship breakdown, a death of loved one, losing your job and financial issues. Whatever the reason please reach out and talk to someone/anyone. There will ALWAYS be someone to listen.

If you are struggling with dark, negative and intrusive thoughts about ending your life then please remember that you are not alone. Other people's lives WOULD NOT be better without you in it. The thoughts that you are experiencing are NOT factual and will pass. Here are some things that maybe you could do or if you are concerned for someone you could share:

  • Try to wait before acting on your thoughts

  • Talk to someone about your thoughts

  • Get yourself to a safe place where there is someone who can help and support you

  • Stay away from drugs and alcohol

  • Make a list of the good things you have done and the people that you love

  • Get up and take yourself away from the place where you physically are

Suicide is preventable and everybody can help save a life.

Call 999

Samaritans 116-123

Mind 0300 123 3393


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