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About Therapy

What is Therapy?

Therapy is about working together. It is a place where you can talk freely and honestly without worry of being judged or receiving opinions. It is a safe place to explore all of the parts that you have or may feel you have shut down. There is no right or wrong way to ‘do’ therapy.

What type of Therapist am I?

My role is to help individuals, couples and families deal with troubled thoughts and emotions. It is important to me and the work that we do that we create and establish a relatable and comfortable space where you will feel at ease. I care about what you care about. I will help you find your own solutions whilst walking alongside you. I will not tell you what to do or give my own opinion. I have been told that I am very ‘real’ and ‘easy’ to talk to and it felt like talking to a friend’.

What will we talk about?

You don't have to talk about anything you don't want to. A good starting point is to talk about why you have decided now to come to therapy. Some clients like to share with me their life story. You don't have to talk about things you don't want to but you can also tell me things that perhaps you have never told anybody else before. Some people worry about not knowing what they will talk about, some people will feel that they have too much to say. Both ways are ok.

What can you expect in your first session?

Going to meet your therapist for the first can be nerve wracking but also exciting. We will have already had a conversation either on the telephone or online so you will know what I sound like/look like. The first session is very much based on getting to know each other. I may ask some direct questions, more than I normally would in our future sessions. I don't take any written notes as I feel it is important for you to have my full attention.

What to do next?

There is no pressure at all in deciding if this is the right thing for you or not. It may be that you go away and have a think about how the session went, it may be that you know there and then that this is right for you. Either way, I want you to feel ok so whatever your decision is, that will be absolutely fine.


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