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A Dad Hurts Too

A beautifully written poem dedicated to grieving Dads, showing that their feelings, emotions and pain matter too.

Very few people see the tears a dad cries

His heart also breaks when a child dies.

Being there for his wife, as her tears freely fall

Reassuring, comforting, through the stress of it all.

His world’s crashed around him, words are few to be found

Struggling to stand tall, not fall to the ground

Broken but must function to get through the day

The brightest of days has just turned very grey

He searches for answers but none are to be found

So many mixed thoughts going round and round

He wears a mask and must be macho and tough

But times like this he needs to admit enough is enough.

It is only when he is alone he will acknowledge the pain

Tears will then come like torrential rain

This is not weakness but a try sign of strength

To be there for his family, he will go to any length

Provide and Protect is what he will do

But mental health is important too.

Make time in the day to live in the moment

This is your story too so don’t be afraid to own it.

First steps are important, no matter how small

Help is out there, just awaiting your call

That’s my message from me to you

Please just be kind because dads hurt too.


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